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Check out this Interview with Alex Wade

Fri, Feb 4, 2011 at 2:25 PM by joelctrl 3 Comments
Check out this Interview with Alex Wade

Why did WHITECHAPEL pick Metal Blade Records to sign with? What was it about them that stood out for you?

We had a lot of offers on the table to be honest.  It started with Century Media and soon about seven other labels followed with in the weeks.  It was almost like a snowball effect.  In the end Metal Blade was the label that we felt like our sound and persona of the band best fit with AND they happened to give us the best offer, so it was definitely a win-win situation for us.

Why did WHITECHAPEL name the band after the inner city part of London? Are the members fascinated by Jack the Ripper or the WHITECHAPEL murders?

We just chose the name because it was short and to the point with a nice ring to it.  It had a dark meaning behind it which fit our sound well, and we thought it was a cool concept.  We weren’t really fascinated per se.  Phil definitely had an interest in serial killers early on but not really fascinated or obsessed.  Some of his favorite death metal bands are EXHUMED and IMPALED which both have very “medical” and “serial killer” themed lyrics, so that was an influence for him in the early material.

How is the metal scene in Knoxville, TN and TN in general? Is there a lot of competition?

There have only been two or thrww bands to really “make it” in the metal scene from Knoxville.  Us, TEN YEARS, and DISCIPLE (a Christian band that was pretty big for a while).  When we were growing up in the local scene there was definitely more local bands and local shows going on.  Now that we are a national touring act and only play in Knoxville once a year or so the scene has definitely died.  Kids don’t put on DIY shows like they used to when we were growing in the scene.  There is only one venue really for metal in Knoxville and it’s big and nice, but only big shows go there, there’s not even really a place for local bands to play and gain a fan base anymore.

Who are some of your favorite bands to tour with? What has been WHITECHAPEL’s favorite tour so far?

A few of my favorite bands we have toured with are ARCHITECTS (UK), MESHUGGAH, THE ACACIA STRAIN, and THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER.  I’m sure there are more but those came to me first off the top of my head.  Our favorite tour so far was probably the Rockstar Mayhem Festival tour in 2009.  It was a huge tour for us- our first festival tour, first time in a bus, first mainstream tour outside of club tours.  It was great; we had a blast and really hope we get to do it again.

How was being a part of Warped Tour this past summer? Generally Warped Tour is usually not a tour that showcases death metal. Was this a different experience for WHITECHAPEL?

It was very hectic and chaotic.  You don’t know what time you are playing every day until you wake up.  The bands rotate time slots on the stages every day.  It was a little odd being on a usually pop punk and rock tour, but this year we were joined by other metal bands like SUICIDE SILENCE, EMMURE, PARKWAY DRIVE, etc, so we didn’t feel too out of place.  We had a lot of friends on the tour so it made it a lot of fun as well.  The shows were packed and insane every day, kids really took a liking to having metal on Warped Tour.

I noticed one of the members is named Ben Savage. I have to ask, is he a fan of Boy Meets World?

(Laughs) No he isn’t, and he’s been getting that joke his whole life. Savage is a pretty badass last name for a metal guitarist though…

What, in your opinion, makes WHITECHAPEL stand out from all the other metal bands?

I feel like we have a little more “art” in our sound if that makes sense.  I’ve heard us described as “the thinking man’s deathcore” so take that as you will (laughs).  We put a lot of emphasis on being heavy and brutal, but we try to do it in the most unique way possible, not just chugging away with redundant riff after riff.  We just write metal, there’s obviously a lot of influence from the death metal genre but I just consider us a metal band because we have influences spanning across the entire genre of metal.

Describe your sound for someone who has never heard WHITECHAPEL before?

Heavy, dark, brutal, progressive at times, relentless, etc.  We take influence from all kinds of metal bands- BLOODBATH, CANNIBAL CORPSE, MESHUGGAH, DEFTONES, SLIPKNOT, DYING FETUS, MASTODON, etc.

What is the first time in your life you remember thinking, “I want to be a musician”?

I started out playing saxophone in band in 6th grade. Then my two best friends in 7th grade got guitars for their birthdays and they wanted me to get a bass so we could start a “band”.  I got a bass for Christmas and learned a lot of METALLICA and BLINK 182 songs (laughs).  Freshman year of high school I sold my bass and bought my first guitar from a pawnshop and have played guitar ever since.

Would you like to say anything to the fans?

Thank you for all of the support, it really means the world.  And we have a big year coming up for 2011, including a yet announced headlining tour in February so keep your eyes peeled for when we are coming to your city!